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Hi, I’m Mauri! I can’t wait to help you restore your metabolism so you can enjoy steady energy and better resilience to stress!

After years of trying a variety of promising diets to address low energy, brain fog, digestive issues, anxiety, and hormonal imbalances, I stumbled upon pro-metabolic eating. At first, I was like you: "Carbs, GOOD?!" It was the opposite of everything that I knew to be true. But my years of trying paleo, whole30s, GAPS, keto, fasting, and high-fat-low-carb had felt uncomfortable and, at times, pretty terrible. To add insult to injury, my hair started falling out.


So I thought, "What the hell," threw my hands up, and started eating fruit again (imagine!), and dairy, and sourdough. I had to unlearn a lot.


When I started incorporating practices I had learned were "bad" from a lot of well-meaning alternative health resources, I stopped binge eating carbs as "cheat meals" and blaming my lack of willpower. I stopped being constantly bloated. One day I realized I wasn't suffering through regular 3pm energy crashes. I started sleeping through the night and having sustained energy throughout the day. Oh, and my hair stopped falling out (bonus!).


I would love to help you start laying the foundation to fuel your body for more resilience, balance, and energy. You may have to unlearn a lot, too, but there will probably be ice cream on the other side.

Can you relate?

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